Modular, flexible, scalable…


4TEUS™ Governance Risk-Management & Compliance System (GRCS):

The GRCS is a web-based (SaaS) product that provides a total integrated environment for a company’s governance, risk and compliance oversight. A highly configurable & scalable, solution allowing firms to monitor and link any risks, threats, controls, incidents & actions across their whole organisation. The GRCS includes the following range of independent, yet integrated, modules:


 Risks, Controls & Metrics Module:

  • creation & maintenance of central registers of risks & threats and mitigating controls & recovery measures
  • addition of both potential financial exposures as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) of risks
  • optional email alerts for any amendments to registers
  • risks & controls ‘heat map’ matrices to highlight potential areas of concern
  • range of standard risks & controls reports
  • ability to export all data content.


Incidents, Data Requests & Actions Module:

  • creation and maintenance of registers of incidents & breaches
  • creation and maintenance of registers of external data requests, e.g. for GDPR, etc.
  • creation and maintenance of registers of associated actions
  • ability to link components together as well as to relevant risks, threats & controls
  • optional email alerts for action assignments and changes to registers
  • range of standard risks & controls reports
  • ability to export data content.


Assessments Module:

  • ability to build and customise own checklists / questionnaires / assessments / attestations, including user-definable scoring & weighting definitions
  • optional ‘Approval’ Workflow with ability to define one, two or no approval process steps for each assessment type
  • range of standard assessment reports, including ability to group similar assessments into a single ‘Consolidated’ reporting group, plus ability to export assessment content
  • ability to link to associated controls to provide an ‘evidencing’ audit trail.


 Core Features with all Modules:

  • creation and maintenance of registers for both tangible & intangible assets
  • central library for storing supporting documentation or links to websites
  • personalised Calendars to help identify relevant dates
  • comprehensive audit trail for all changes
  • both data exports and imports (for, say, easy implementation)
  • APIs available for integration with other applications.


Overall a key component that ensures ‘best practice’ – thus a key component within your overall Risk procedures and consequently reduces many reputational and personal liability risks.  For more information about the latest enhancements to the system, see the Product Updates within our Community pages.