Press Release : New 4TEUS™ Solutions and GRC One Partnership

4STEU™ Solutions (4S) are pleased to announce that it has signed a sales and distribution agreement with GRC One Limited to market and sell its Governance, Risk Management & Compliance system – rebranded for 4S as the 4TEUS™ GRCS and focussed on the UK financial sector.

The GRCS will provide firms with a total integrated environment, allowing them to :

  • Define core risks to their organisation;
  • Identify specific regulatory or business threats, including impact and likelihood;
  • Specify mitigating controls and associated recovery procedures;
  • Implement or design relevant assessment questionnaires for review areas under threat;
  • Log breaches, incidents and associated actions;
  • Store all supporting & relevant documentation in a centrally linked repository; and
  • Link all related components to provide comprehensive visibility across the whole risk process.

For further details contact 4TEUS™ through the normal channels or, for GRC One,  Jeff Ashbolt at


  • 30 Jun, 2016
  • Quinapalus

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