Annual Product Update : 2018

2018 : this year saw a number of new enhancements and examples of clients using the system in new, innovative ways:

  1. CASS Framework : A ‘pre-populated’ CASS register with all the current rules has helped a number of firms to document better and evidence their CASS obligations with the FCA. [A similar Framework has now been put together for SYSC.]
  2. Pillar II & ICAAP : The ability to add details of potential financial exposures to risks has provided support to many firms who wished to document their ICAAP.
  3. Asset Register : In addition to the obvious use for documenting tangible assets (i.e. fixtures & fittings, etc.), some firms are now starting to look at using this register for recording ‘intangible’ assets to support their internal governance, e.g. web domains, IPR, data etc.
  4. Incidents Register : By being able to define customisable ‘Incident types’ firms are now able to generate a ‘Breaches’ register for specific compliance & regulatory demands, e.g. client complaints, GDPR, SM&CR, etc.

2019 : in addition to the continuing enhancement of the existing modules and functions, next year we are expecting to release a couple of completely new modules: 

  1. Metrics Module : Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be available for Risks & Controls and will be documented within their own register, together with any target or limit figures.  A ‘current’ figure will then be used to determine a ‘variance’ and impact. This ‘current’ figure can either be input manually through the system or automatically through our standard APIs.Further phase(s) will start linking the ‘current’ scores into the ‘Impact/Likelihood’ scores on Risks and/or the ‘Effectiveness’ grades on Controls.
  2. Data Requests Module : Data requests from external sources (e.g. information requests from clients under the EU’s GDPR requirements) will also be documented within their own register, together with relevant information about source, dates, etc. to assist firms comply with the growing regulatory demands in this area.
  3. Assessment Template Library : A new central community ‘library’ for assessment templates will be available.  This will allow firms to access and download a variety of amendable templates that other firms have developed and permitted access to the community.

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  • 21 Dec, 2018
  • Quinapalus
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