Buy-side solutions

Product & Service Evaluation

Enhance your counterparty negotiations through product evaluations. Our solution enables you to assess and evaluate products & services you receive from brokers and other 3rd parties both at a granular and high level. The platform helps you rank these and ensure that you’re receiving the best possible service and therefore, returns. Using our benchmark facility, we also can help you assess and compare your analysis with those of your industry peers.

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Business Targets & Budget Setting

Establish budgets & targets based on your own knowledge of counterparties and where value is created for your clients. This solution enables you to define and set budgets for services, such as research, and then calculate individual broker payments or targets so that you can focus your effort on the brokers that drive the most value for your customers.

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Best Execution Validation

Support your pre-trade decision making process and validate your best execution policies. Our solution enables you to validate your best execution policies across all your asset classes and generate rankings of your execution venues to support your pre-trade decisions. You can then assess, evaluate and compare results of venues with your industry peers using the benchmarking facilities, thus better supporting your trading activities.

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