4TEUS™ Counterparty Review System (CRS)

CRS is a web-based (SaaS) product that provides the transparency between service & product providers and their customers.  A highly configurable & scalable, multi-asset class, solution, CRS provides:


Evaluation of Services:

  • a qualitative approach to scoring products across a wide range of business areas within Research, Sales, Trading, Prime Brokerage, plus an area for your own customisation
  • the valuation and monetarisation of the services taken, to aid the generation of business budgets & targets
  • benchmarking of the scores and ranks against groups of market peers to enable market comparisons and support your decision-making processes
  • a wide range of outputs detailing scores, rankings and trend analyses.


Managing Counterparty Relationships:

  • facilitating the communication between counterparties by allowing the ‘consumers’ to “permission” access of the results to their ‘providers’
  • supporting the negotiation process between counterparties on issues concerning pricing and the extent of services provided.


Commission & Business Allocations:

  • a rigorous framework for valuing products & services, thus driving either CSA or ‘Research Account’ payments, as well as managing any potential conflicts of interest with execution.


Best Compliance & Regulatory Practice:

  • generating a full audit trail and supporting regulatory disclosures
  • supporting your best execution policies through the validation of policy criteria, thus providing key support in the ‘pre-trade’ selection process.

Overall a key component that ensures ‘best practice’ – thus a key component within your ‘Conduct Risk’ procedures, and consequently reduces many reputational and personal liability risks.